Win, Lose or Draw ? Breaking the myths about 2015/16.

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Choose any random Dallas Cowboys group, board or chat room online and you will see a myriad of differing arguments, theories, rumors and conjectures as to what should happen/ will happen/ is happening behind the scenes at Dallas HQ.

Well, unfortunately, until you hear something direct from the horse’s mouth it really is just speculation and rumor mongering. So let’s look at some of those fan theories a little closer.

“Get rid of Romo NOW !”

This is probably the most common sentiment out there currently. And, you know, I can understand where it is coming from, I think it is fair to say we are all frustrated right now.
Romo, although not old, is starting to feel the wear and tear of the game on his body. In the last few years Tony has had two back surgeries and broken his shoulder three times, not to mention a string of minor injuries (twists, pulls, strains etc). As such, fans are now questioning his longevity in the game, and scrabbling to name his successor.

Should we drop Romo now ? Can we drop Romo now ?
Should we ? I don’t believe so, we need time to develop a potential successor to the QB throne, I believe the only way we can do that is for Romo to play at least one more season.
Can we let Romo go ? Well, with a big money contract securing him until 2020, that may not be as simple as it has been for other players. The team can’t fire Romo without a settlement payout, Romo can’t leave without paying a termination fee. I think the more likely scenario will be a mutually agreeable “Walk away deal”, where the contract is terminated, under mutually agreeable terms and no-one owes anyone a dime. I don’t believe that Jones or Garrett will just let Romo leave entirely though, I think that when the time comes they will, most probably, offer him a Coaching Contract as QB Coach to continue to develop QBs in the winning style that we have had in previous years.

“Let’s call it a day and just lose the rest of the games to get us a better draft pick”

In my article “Can we salvage anything from 2015 ?” I said that “If we lose the rest of the season, we can improve our draft choices”, and yes that is a possibility, but it does not mean we should or can go out there with the sole intention of losing, as some online posts would suggest. If we lose, we lose, but we should play to win. Here’s why.

Firstly, player pride. If you want to be World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, you are not going to do it by throwing fights, if your trainer tells you to take a dive – even when you know you can win, you are going to feel pretty crappy about yourself and the staff around you. Same applies in Football, if, as a team, your coach comes up to you and says “Boys, we want you to give this one away” you are going to lose faith in yourself, your team and your coaches. Why would you want to play for a team with that kind of damaging negativity?

Secondly, “It’s all about the Benjamins”. This ties into the player pride thing. Each and every member of that team, from the rookies to the coaches place a monetary value on what they bring to the table. The more games your team loses, and the more that you are personally associated with actions that cause those losses, the more your value as a player drops.
Take DeMarco Murray, as an example. We all know the huge price tag that was put on him last year, the Cowboys declined to renew at that price, but the Eagles jumped on him because of his productivity and ability to win games. According to ESPN, Fox Sports, and Sky Sports Murray’s value is likely to drop between 15-30% going into 2016, because, despite being given the ball, he has failed to produce anything close to what he did while with us, and has been a major part in the Eagles losses this season.
As players, who are coming up to contract dates, free agency etc, would you want to be devalued on the say so of someone else, when potentially you may be going to a different team next year? I know I wouldn’t.

If we lose, we lose, but we will play to win……

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