Under Further Review – Offense Edition – Doin’ better !

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If there is something that can continue to keep the flame of hope alive for Cowboys fans, it’s (interceptions aside), Cassel’s game and the output of the entire offense.

I realize that it’s difficult to forget those three interceptions, but there are other numbers that should get your attention and make you think back to the good old days when Romo led this offense. 69 plays for example, is a number that tells us how this offense was on the field (38 ‘) and how they managed to produce on third downs (6 of 11 with only 5.5 yds to go on average). 460 yds of total offense is another number that defines excellence usually for an NFL offense, and is also a record in a single game for 2015. 228 of those yards came on runs, thanks to an absolutely extraordinary McFadden performance (on the field for 61 snaps, 32 was the highest for this year), and of course thanks to a strong performance of the OL, who had the good debut by La’el Collins.

To achieve this, the coaching staff built a game plan that wanted to impose their will to run, but changed the attitude and the formations, that saw a massive use of TE’s, exploiting James Hanna return, a player too often underestimated. 12 and 13 Personal used to create favorable match-ups, which would grant the offense the ability to exploit the deployment of the defense, thus balancing the running plays with some really effective play actions, without changing the personnel and without clearly showing their intentions.

Balance substantiated by the numbers that I propose. 12/13 Personal (under center) have been used 22 times with a total gain of 155 yds, 92 on runs and 63 on pass. Balance on total yards distribution, with 228 yds rushing and 231 passing. Balance, we know how important this factor is to make an Offense unpredictable. The Giants were the team that blitzed more against us this year, 32% of occasions, and they were good at using these blitz on first down on a couple of occasions, making it difficult for Cassel.

There’s really something positive that has emerged from this offensive performance, which is really worth the coaching staff continuing to develop, using a QB that is finally seen as a potential threat from opposing defenses. Of course it’s very possible, that Sunday, Seattle will come up with the intention of challenging Cassel to beat them but, and this will also depend on whether or not Bryant will be back, Matt looked like a QB that can make defenses pay for their choices. It ‘s a QB that could revamp our hopes of finding a pair of victories between now and Romo’s return, provided that take extreme care of the ball, which is a vital part of achieving our goals.


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