Training Camp Report – Day 2

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Second day of workouts for the Dallas Cowboys, again today nothing to report in terms of injuries, Hardy, who yesterday had to leave the workout for a blow to the chest, worked all day battling hard against Smith. Coaches are pleasantly surprised by his work ethic, his long absence from football, almost two years, obviously affects the guy and his desire to showcase all his skills.
The situation with more question marks remains that of LB’s, currently are working with the first team Lee, Hitchens and Wilber. The front office signed another 2 LB’s yesterday, Keith Smith a face we already know from last year, and Ashlee Palmer who has already played with Buffalo and Detroit. Absences of McClain and Nazchoa and the retirement of Rivers made the LB’s department the “shortest” of players.

Romo did not work in the afternoon for a blow to the eye, his back seems in very good condition and this bodes well for the season. Claiborne still has proven his talent with an excellent session, if he’ll be really able to give continuity to his game, and will continue to put together a good day of work after another, the Cowboys will not repent of giving him another chance.
Tomorrow things start to get serious, and all players will wear pads, shots will be harder and workouts will be much more interesting, hoping that Lady Luck will preserve all our guys healthy.

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