“The Miracle We Need” – Why I am staying positive

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In the words of the great Freddie Mercury “It’s the miracle we need….”, and yes it really could take a miracle. But that miracle is reducing from biblical level to more David Copperfield by the day. In any other year of the NFC East, we would be waving the white flag right now, but this is the 2015 NFC East – an NFC East where everything has been upside down, inside out and back to front. Every team that traditionally pushes in front is struggling to put numbers against teams which would normally be safe bets.

Amateur and professional analysts alike have come to the same numbers that I did, so for you number monkeys out there, here’s how the maths work out:

If the Cowboys win their next 3 games, Eagles lose 2 out of 3, Redskins lose 2 out of 3 and Giants lose their next 2 then the standings will be as follows:

NFC East

DAL 5-7

NYG 5-7

PHI 5-7

WAS 5-7

If you look at the current win/loss column, yes that big, fat 7 in our L column looks awful. But flip it on it’s head – we are only 2 losses behind everyone else in the division.

That’s all well and good, but with the way things have gone so far this season do those numbers translate into reality? Well, “The Omens” are all pointing in our direction, and while I would never wish an injury on anyone, if they chance to happen and work in our favor I’ll take them, particularly when we are “on the up” from our own injury issues.

As it stands, the Eagles are nursing injuries to QB Sam Bradford (Separated shoulder and concussion), Darren Sproles (Ankle and Knee Injuries); The Giants have WR Victor Cruz (Torn Calf), LB Jon Beason (Sprained Knee) is listed as Injured/Reserve, as is veteran TE Daniel Fells; the Redskins also have multiple injuries listed, most notably to veterans LB Adam Hayward, and TEs Niles Paul and Logan Paulson.

We, on the other hand, are riding an upward curve of injury returns. Romo is scheduled for a tentative return this week against Miami, as is Lee (following a week off with concussion). Granted, Dunbar and Scandrick are out for the season, which hurts but is not insurmountable.

So, omens aside, what about history ? Well, we hit 6 in a row last year, and with this year being as chaotic as it has been across the division there’s no reason that we can’t do it again. We effectively need to go 6-1 over the remainder of the season. Of those remaining 7 games, I’m confident that we can win 5 of those with little struggle, of the other 2 games we have to face the Packers (who have lost their last 3 games) and the Panthers (currently undefeated). If we can check one of those last two into the W column we have a good shot at the playoffs.

An 8-8 or even a 7-9 will see us into the playoffs. We just need that one win to raise the spirits of the team, and with while Romo has been an influence on the sidelines and in the locker room, that influence pales to what it is when he takes the field. The problem with being on a losing streak is getting into that spiral of negativity – You Lose, you get down, you lose again, your confidence gets knocked. The more times this happens the more lackluster you play, and the more you lose. I believe we can break that cycle against Miami this weekend, and set ourselves on a Lazarus-like return.

And that is why this fan is staying positive.


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