Thanksgiving Throwback

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While Thanksgiving is predominantly celebrated by our American friends, I would like to open this article by offering our thanks to all of our readers and fellow fans around the world. We are, as always, grateful for your support.

As a team, and as fans, we also have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving gameday. We have a largely healthy team, Romo is back under the centre and commanding the team on field, and confidence and energy is high in the locker room.

Dallas have quite an history when it comes to Thanksgiving games. Here’s a few stats.

> This will be the’Boys 48th game on this holiday.
> The Cowboys have a win/loss record of 29-17-1 over the previous 47 games.
> The Cowboys Thanksgiving game tradition started in 1966, and was the vision of then G.M Tex Schramm (who also created the Cowboys Cheerleaders), having seen the success of the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving game, and realising the national publicity the team could gain.
> The Cowboys broke their attendance record, although the league had doubts anyone would even show up, with 82,259 taking seats in the Cotton Bowl to watch the game. Dallas beat The Cleveland Browns 26-14 that day
> This is the first time that the Cowboys have played the Panthers on Thanksgiving – in fact, this is the Panthers first ever Thanksgiving day game.

Today, could be the biggest Thanksgiving game for the Cowboys in recent memory. With the Panthers going unbeaten, so far, this season, and Romo being the only QB in NFL history to defeat multiple opponents who are coming into a game with a season record of 9-0 or better (Ind Colts 2006 (9-0) Dal  21- Ind 14, and NO Saints 2009 (13-0) Dal 24 NO 17).
Can Romo and the ‘Boys continue this “streak breaking” theme and bring the Panthers to 10-1 ? We will find out later today, but if history is anything to go by then we certainly have a good chance. If we can contain Newton, and control the ball, pitching the best O line against, arguably, the best defense in the league this year I believe we can  walk off the field with the win.

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