NFC East Outlook – Week 1

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This is a new column by our writer Luca Barbieri, Luca weekly update us on our Division rivals.

Since the new season began, and the new site was launched, we decided to start a new weekly column where we’ll take a look at what happens in the NFC EAST, basically I will try to offer an outlook on how our divison rivals did on Sunday, in a more objectively way as possible, trying not to be blindend by my love for the Cowboys. Will I be able to do It ?

Let’s start talking about the Washington Redskins, who faced the Miami Dolphins. Miami came from a very good preseason, while Washington has faced yet another turbulent summer where, despite the various acquisitions made in free agency, found itself faced with the age-old question related to the use of what should be the “franchise quarterback” : RGIII. Result, RGIII on the sideline and Captain Kirk Cousins at the helm for the Redskins. One would expect a Miami dominance, well, wrong: Washington, despite DeSean Jackson injury, was able to take a 10-0 lead. The Redskins however was unable to control the game, even though Miami doesn’t produce anything. Washington started to commit some usual mistakes, letting Miami come back in the game before halftime. The plot of the game didn’t change, and Miami made the play that changed the inertia of the game with a Jarvis Landry punt return for a TD. The match ended 17-10 in favor of Miami. Cousins end up with two interceptions, more bad news with the injury of Strong Safety Duke Ihenacho, in addition to the suspension of newly arrived Cornerback Chris Culliver, that will return in the active roster after  next Sunday game. Nothing new, then, for the Washington Redskins: a team that definitely has some good individual, but that remains perpetually in search of its own identity. Will this be the right season to figure out what path will take to return to be contenders ? Hard to say right now

Second rival who played Sunday were the New York Giants who have faced…our Dallas Cowboys. You can read about the match here, I just want to offer two quick personal considerations. It seemed clear how improved the Giants defense is, despite the absence of their best player, the Defensive End Jason Pierre Paul. I can say that the return DC Steve Spagnuolo to New York, had a tangible impact. Therefore we must keep an eye to this Giants defense that could be in the process of evolving in a positive way for them. Looking back on the offense, I would say that I started to saw some glimpse of McAdoo work, and some good fast quick pass release from Eli, at the time, however, nothing more than that and a few good run. The entire department has yet to find its equilibrium.

The Philadelphia Eagles took the field on MNF against the Atlanta Falcons. Interesting game with two teams that had changed so much in the offseason. While Atlanta had a new coaching staff, Philadelphia was called to show the fruits of yet another revolution in the summer, they have many new faces on roster. Phila comes as unanimous favorite to this match, and one of the predicted protagonist of the entire season. The game starts with a bang, with Phila responding to Atlanta offense with a Kiko Alonso interception. But after a balanced first quarter, in the second the duo of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones feast on an unrecognizable Eagles team, setting the score 20-3 for the Falcons at halftime. Kelly kicked some ass during halftime and Phila came back on the field with a new attitude, finding 2 TD in the third quarter. They might even win if the kicker Cody Parkey not missed a 44yds Field Goal and Sam Bradford’s pick on the last desperate drive. 26-24 for the Falcons the final score and a sea of ​​controversy that rages on the Eagles. Chip Kelly declared his team has played only in the second half, and indeed it is. The fact remains that an easy victory was expected in Philadelphia, and fans and analysts expected a different use of Running Backs, that combined for a paltry 16 runs. Personally I think there is very little to judge on this match, the first half unexpected collapse changed drastically Kelly’s game plan, as a result Bradford had to throw more and needed to take more risks. I don’t think you can read too much about  Philadelphia and its football from this game.

This was the first game of the season, all teams are basically “work in progress”, give a definitive opinion looks premature and misleading. Next Sunday, the Cowboys will be in Philadelphia for a big challenge. The New York Giants will host the Atlanta Falcons, while the Washington Redskins will receive the dreaded St. Louis Rams that, after beating the Seattle Seahawks, will go to the Capital City with the idea of bringing home the second W. See you next week and Go BOYZ !!!!


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