NFC East Outlook – Week 14 – Who’ll win the Division ?

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Week 14 is in the book, and this time no major turmoil in the NFC EAST, no unpredictable victory. So without a real headline news, I suggest take a look at the NFC EAST under a different point of view and, probably, the more fascinating one: who will finally win this division ?

By now, with 3 more games to play in the regular season, uncertainty reigns, and none of the three contenders has managed to take advantage over the others. Three negative records and, as things stand, many victories and few calculations will be needed to win it all. We can only afford to enjoy the show, and maybe try to express some judgment. We start by saying that none of the three contenders has a better chance than others, some could talk about who has more individual talent, or which is the better team under pressure, but we’ve seen enough turnaround this season, as all teams have shown both that they would fail miserably, or take a win almost everywhere. So who will win ?

In Philadelphia fans are convinced that they will go to playoffs after the win in Foxborough and against their nemesis Shady McCoy, the Eagles have found new life and looking to the challenges ahead with contemptuous courage. But what comforts the “city of brotherly love”, are ESPN projections, that give Phila the 59.9% chance of winning the division, compared to 28.6 of the Redskins and 11.3 for the Giants. OK, ESPN says Phila, but basically all the contenders have a 6-7record, and Sunday the Eagles will receive the Arizona Cardinals that already won their division, but would like to avoid the wild card and play the divisional at home, so the trip to Pennsylvania will not be a only a vacation for Bruce Arians guys.

Not even the Giants can sleep easy, despite the comeback victory in Miami, despite the “OBJ circus”, despite Eli was named “NFC Offensive Player of the Week”, on Sunday, at MetLife, are coming the undefeated Carolina Panthers. Someone could pretend that the “Newton gang ” is now satisfied and wants to put the brakes waiting for the playoffs, but this is a team that is making the history of the franchise and of the league, and is clearly determined to continue its spectacular path. So the Giants also haven’t an easy task ahead of them.

Washington is the only Team who can determine its destiny ! On first place, fresh from a convincing victory in Chicago, Sunday at home they’ll face the Bills, a team with a few ambitions right now, a team that can be beaten by Cousins and his teammates. Redskins had problems in give continuity to their results but, given the Eagles and Giants opponents, a victory would allow the Redskins to take a nice advantage on rivals, and became the clear favorite to win the division. Who do you think will win at the last ?

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