NFC East Outlook – Week 13 – 4 games to go and everything is up for grab

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Ok, we all agree, this year the NFC EAST is the craziest Division of the whole league. A division which, objectively, the play quality of the four teams is almost embarrassing, and all is leveled down, records are negative and none of the four contenders looks able to raise his head and excel on other. The result is that, like it or not, no team is out of contention for the playoffs.

More than anyone, the New York Giants should kick themselves, once again they managed to lose the game in the final seconds. The data are discouraging and reveal the fact that the Giants are not able to control the game and keep the lead. Statistics says that if the games would last 75 seconds less, the Giants would have a record of 10-2 (and virtually the division title) instead of the current disheartening 5-7. If you could talk about accidents or coincidences it is now quite clear that this team has the tragic peculiarities of struggling in the finals.

It was November 29, 1987, and at Sullivan Stadium in Foxborough the Randall Cunningham’s Philadelphia Eagles, beat the New England Patriots in overtime. It took 28 years because history repeat itself. In Philadelphia are all enthusiastic for this unexpected victory that puts the Eagles back in the race, and in a perfect state of mind to face the final rush. During the week Chip Kelly confirmed his commitment for next season, this gave new certainties to the team, and the coach has shown that he still has a firm grip on the locker. An ESPN study compares the schedule of the 4 NFC East teams and gives the Eagles a 49% chance to enter in the playoffs. We must mention the discontent of DeMarco Murray, now increasingly excluded by Kelly, the player has used the trip back from Boston to have a private conversation with Mr. Lurie (owner of the Eagles) about his lack of use and, while Pro Football Focus published an article where it defines him the worst free agent of the year, the future for the number 29 have dyed increasingly bleak.

In the Capital City are still in shock for the defeat against our Cowboys, it had to be the game that would take them atop of the NFC EAST and instead, as often happened this year, they find themselves looking at another lost opportunity. Of course lot of controversy, and everyone is under trial, Gruden is preaching calm but the train could be lost and gone.

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