NFC East Outlook – Week 12 – Looking for a Division Champion

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By now you should know that, in this qualitatively downward NFC EAST, it’s impossible to get bored. There are those who rises and those who sink, who fall and see their worst nightmares manifest before them. The division is still open to any kind of result, nobody is mathematically ruled out of playoffs contention but, frankly, it seems that now participation in the battle for the division has become a privilege for few teams, and while Redskins and Giants prepare for the final rush, the two ex-super favorite, Cowboys and Eagles, seem destined for a well-deserved oblivion.

The big news on the Eagles is represented by the apparent confirmation by Chip Kelly to remain with the team at least for next season. Kelly expressed his intentions to the players during Tuesday’s meeting, putting an end to all the speculation about him. The failure of the Eagles season, and the large number of vacant positions in some of the most important Colleges, fueled rumors about doubts that Kelly might continue his commitment in Philadelphia. Someone might assume that Kelly was forced to such a move to ensure that the team does not melt, thus avoiding a long series of defeats to the end of this season, but perhaps these are just speculations… perhaps …

The Giants saw their leadership vanish after losing to the Redskins, the atmosphere around the team has been quite shaken by this defeat, and in the “Big Apple” what is now the biggest source of concern is the team’s ability to deal with “Must Win” games. During the season, despite many bumps on the road, they have always shown great fighting spirit, taking some big victories along the way. But when it was time to give a decisive boost to their season, going to seize the victory that would skyrocket them into the playoffs, the team made them suffer abuse from Cousins ​​and partners throughout the game. On the eve of the MetLife Stadium battle against the Jets, the fear that this team is not in possession of the necessary “killer istinct” to take care of the business is still well alive,  and a new defeat could send the Giants out of playoff contention for good.

You may wonder what the big news on the Redskins is? It’s very, very simple, the Redskins are on top of the NFC EAST ! And this is really new, because they were not the team from 2012, when the Redskins led by RGIII, made the playoffs. The team made many mistakes along the way, but they made some sort of revolution at the beginning of this season, the result is simply amazing! It must be said that usually, in this well balanced Division, after each victory the Redskins fueled dreams of glory, only to face his own ghosts the following week facing a defeat, but this time Washington could really take control of the Division as they will face the Cowboys at home in the MNF primetime. We’ll see.

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