NFC East Outlook Week 11 – Bad losses for Eagles and Redskins

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Week 11 is done and once again there’s a change of scene in the NFC EAST. Those who were in search of certainties and redemption didn’t find either, three teams played (the Giants benefited of the bye week) only the Cowboys won and gained a game on opponents.

The Redskins faced the undefeated Panthers, and even if someone dreamed of a miraculous victory, you could imagine it would be a difficult Sunday, and indeed it was. Trying to forget this defeat as soon as possible, the ‘Skins must think to the next delicate challenge against the New York Giants, possibly recovering some injured players. For their part, the Giants have spent Sunday enjoying the show and preparing for next Sunday’s game, the good news for them is that the CB Prince Amukamara, TE Larry Donell and MLB Uani Unga have recovered from injuries and will return to the field, regaining those 3 important pieces allows the Giants to legitimately aspire to a victory that would allow them to extend their lead maybe in a decisive way.

Surely, those who lived after Sunday’s true moments of tension in the locker room, are the Philadelphia Eagles that, after the disastrous (and unexpected) loss to Tampa, saw the world collapse on them. Who was to blame for this? Chip Kelly was pointed out by the media as primarily responsible for all the team’s problems. Media and fans have certainly not spared criticism about the management of the team, but it is on the results that evaluations have become more stingy. The coveted breakthrough never occurs, offensively speaking, they aren’t that good, the performance of the rookies is impalpable and it is now clear to everyone that if the defense and special teams do not save the team, the mediocre level of the offense doesn’t allow the Eagles to aspire to a division title. In all probability, this team would need yet more time in order to be able to translate onto the field the “Kelly credo,” but Chip’s days in Philadelphia could be numbered. To give a “wave of enthusiasm” to the environment, Lane Johnson publicly declares that the Eagles don’t have any advantage from the home games because the team is constantly booed and criticized by the audience. Interestingly, statistics are with Johnson; in the last decade the Eagles are the NFL team that has collected fewer successes ever in friendly walls. The environment in Philadelphia is starting to get “hot”!

Eagles and Cowboys will play on Thanksgiving day Thursday facing, respectively, the Lions and the Panthers, while on Sunday there’ll be a super divisional challenge between Giants and Redskins. Even week 12 promises fireworks !

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