Heading into the December Stretch

As the Cowboys head into the December stretch drive, they cant take their gas off the pedal, and will have to be at their best as they try to lock up the Division title on Sunday vs the Giants.

With four left the games become tougher and the play much tighter. All the Cowboys next three opponents are contenders in the NFC and those opponents will be looking to lock up a few playoff spots.

The Giants are coming off a loss to Pittsburgh, but that they’ve been one of the hottest teams in the NFL, racking up six wins in their last seven games. Couple that with the fact that a Giants win can prevent the Cowboys from clinching the NFC East, and it figures to be a steep challenge.

The Giants gave the Cowboys the stiffest competition to date, and they are the only team to defeat the Cowboys in the first 12 games. Much of the discussion will be based on how much the Cowboys have improved since then.

The Cowboys are the most physical team in the NFL so far and that should carry them in December and further in the playoffs, and hopefully towards a Super Bowl run. The teams that control both sides of the ball are the ones that succeed in December.

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  1. Reply Post By MxT

    How the loss of JPP will impact Giants’ defensive line, and how much the Boys will try to ignite Zeke to rule with the running game?

  2. Reply Post By Roby

    As you saw JPP absence didn’t affect much the Giants pass rush, about Zeke looks like they’re starting to preserve him for the playoff run, but as long the OL will stay healthy, we must expect a heavy dose of Elliott when it’ll come playoff time

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