Free Agency 2016 – Where we are after the storm

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You thought to be rid of us ? No played football equals no articles ? Obviously not, because it has just begun one of the most important part of the long NFL offseason, which will accompany us until the September kickoff.

For those who were not yet aware, Free Agency is the period fo time during which the players at the expiry of the contract, are looking for a new place to go to take a few million more, or try to find arrangements to stay in the teams which have already been part of. This is the period of the “shopping spree”, where often some players are overvalued and covered with serious money, in exchange for indecent performance and a weight on the salary cap in years to come that often brings  fans of that unfortunate team (who signed for five years to 90 million a “zombie”), to seek comfort in bourbon. We Cowboys fans, unfortunately,  have finished at least a couple of bottles, definitely one for the strongest CB in the last 50 years. No, I’m not talking about Morris Claiborne, but his unable-to-cover-a-dead-body’s friend, Brandon Carr.

But let’s move on, let’s see how our beloved Dallas Coaches and Executives are moving in.

It is certainly not been an explosive start of Free Agency, if you expected the explosions and chases Mad Max style, well, this year Mr. Hardy (not Tom aka Max Rockatansky, but Greg) will not be covered in gold to play half a season without doing anything.

To point out, we have confirmed Rolando McClain, one year deal x 5 million $, a good move, he takes away (maybe) a very important need, the MLB who can cover the mid-field and give support against the run. The CB Josh Thomas goes to flesh out a department, the secondary, which must still to be enforced adequately in the draft.

The big boom, for now, is the signing of Cedric Thornton, former Phila’s DE (with a past as a DT, a role that most likely will play here in Dallas), in four years with the Eagles he has scored only 4 sacks, but get 171 total tackles. The terms of the contract appears to be 4 years x 18 Million $. Thornton is adding depth to the rotation in the Marinelli DL, we’ll see if he will helps in increasing the pressure on Qbs, the part of the game that the more we suffered last disastrous season.

Who greets us ? Matt Cassel, with his perfect jaw, will act as a hen to Mariota in Tennessee, a farewell without any pain, say “Hello !” to DeMarco from us.

Lance Dunbar,  will talk with San Francisco, keep an eye on Chip, who with our RB’s always business.

Matt Moore, an old acquaintance of Miami and Carolina, will meet in the coming days Garrett & Co. Surely, we do not want to spend our first choice for a Qb and,  I am very happy about this.

Nolan Carroll, another former Eagles, CB, seems to be very close to find home in Dallas. At that point, we would end up with Scandrick, Carr, Carroll (fact) and Thomas. Seems increasingly legit to see the cut of the overpaid Brandon.

That’s all (for now) folks, we will keep you updated in the coming days and we will try together to figure out who and how will be built the Dallas Cowboys in 2016.

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