Ennio’s Papparedelle – Week 1

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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my big pleasure to introduce you to our delicious section, where we’ll talk about some players performance in every game, till the end of the season, I will be your Chef (do you know Gordon Ramsey ? Well, he learned everything from me) and will give you a gourmet course Pappardelle-based . Enjoy your meal !

New York Giants

Eli Manning: his face, with 7” on the clock to the end  of the game, is priceless ! For everything else, there’s Mastercard.

Rashad Jennings: good for us, his name is not Rush Hard. Smile !

Odell Beckham Jr: last year we have honored him, this year he doesn’t played as good as he did. Maybe the JJ Wilcox big hit has warned him to do the same things he did last year. Knocked Out.

Uani’ Unga: he did some great plays, intercepting Romo too !!! Bad for him, our QB and his BFF Jason Witten made the winning play in his face. “I can’t sleep…”

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie: he scores recovering Beasley’s fumble, while he is running to the promise land, almost make Romo lame. Anyway, he gift us with four more possession, grabbing T-Will shoulder. And Gavin says thanks.

Tom Coughlin: or Pete Carroll ?

Dallas Cowboys

Gavin Escobar: if I was a Giants fan, I would pray he will retire soon or at least, does not play against him more games. Nemesis.

Cole Beasley: he must have heard my insults, later his freakin’ fumble, ’cause his last drive jukes had let three Giants players wondering about if was already time of Winter Olympics. Plushenko style !

Jason Witten: you cannot cover him with LB or DB. He doesn’t care about who or how many players have to engage. He will receive the football and will let you cry. Ruthless.

Sean Lee: Welcome back General !!!

Marinelli, Garrett and Linehan: The Master, the Commander and the Avenger.

Lance Dunbar: Wow!!! He has never knew was he a WR ? A new weapon-X ?

Tony Romo: please, everybody stands up and clap for him. He did something magic and unbelievable, something that his haters will describe as a “lucky throw”. So, lovely haters, can I recommend you some Maalox pills ? Amen.

See you next week folks, byyyyeeee !!!


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