Cowboys 27 – Giants 26 – After Further Review – Offense Edition

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On this weekly column, we’ll try to analyze, from some statistical points, how Cowboys offense and Scott Linehan are working. It will be followed every next day by a segment on Defense and Rod Marinelli.

With 68 plays, you cannot just say that the offense was stagnant or inefficient, certainly mistakes, and I don’t speak only of the three turnovers, weighed in an important way on the feeling this game left on us. We talked about the 3 turnovers on Monday editorial, but others moments like Bryant’s drop in red zone, that would have given us a fresh set of downs, some Romo throws that appeared a little off at times, and a timid approach by Randle in the running game, had some negative impact.

A total of 68 plays, 22 runs and 46 passes. AN average of 4.8 yds to go on 3rd down and a conversion of 50%, 6/12. 7.8 yds gain per pass, practically never even attempted a big play. Cowboys arrived in red zone 5 times and scored 3 TD.

Personal analysis, tells us that S11 and 12 were by far the most used (32 and 17 plays a total of 49 of 68). In Shotgun (38 plays on 68 for a 55%, a number still widely acceptable), Romo has exclusively thrown gaining 266 yds, while with 2 TE deployed, there were 11 runs for 45 yds and 6 passes for 50 yds. The number regarding the Personal S11 will be interesting to analyze for Philadelphia scouts in preparation for Sunday.

Giants blitzed 15 times without ever being able to get to Romo, and in fact they soon gave up on loading the pass rush and our OL never got in trouble.

Only Cowboys errors have really damaged this offensive performance, which otherwise, with 436 yds and 7 drives from 40+ yds, would be really fantastic. With Dez Bryant and Leary out for Philadelphia a few more troubles may arise in terms of efficiency. But I am convinced that there is enough potential in our offensive weapons to be able to be effective vs anyone, even without Bryant, with a so impenetrable OL and a running  game that gradually gain confidence and efficiency, there is still reason to be optimistic, despite all.

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