Cowboys 20 – Saints 26 (O.T.) – After Further Review – Offense Edition

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If you look for a word to define Cowboys offense in 2015, you can use “average”. I know, somebody would be tempted to say awful, but referring strictly to the numbers, the 2015 offense went from excellent in 2014 to average in 2015, intended as ” NFL average “. In almost all key statistics offense is between the 9th and 16th place. And this without Romo, without Bryant and no Murray, better not forget him. Of course none of us can be said to be enthusiastic about an offense led by Weeden, Williams and Randle, but neither can be desperate to have slightly lowered the numbers of 2014 that, in many ways, was a truly extraordinary year, with an offense not even closer of that available to Linehan last year.

The only two statistics below 24th place are those related to the third down conversions (25 °), and the starting position (29 °). The second has nothing to do with offense, if the defense does don’t generate turnovers and ST not shorten the field, Weeden is without responsibilities. Third down conversions, are a problem at 34%, but it’s also a result of poor efficiency on the first two downs and on the running game that just doesn’t show consistency, and yet still isn’t so distant from the 39% that is the NFL average. So average not awful, and even better than many other teams that can boast their starting QB.

56 plays, 26 runs, and 30 throws, average of 7.4 yds to go on third down, 3 of 12 (25%) of those converted. 5.9 yds gained per play, 7.6 per pass, four trips to the red zone and 2 TD, 0 turnovers. Acceptable numbers for a team always forced to start from its own 20 on average, certainly weighs the low third down rate conversion, but Weeden does not take the slightest risk that Romo could take. A Weeden little ‘more sure of himself that sometimes went beyond 10 yds with his passing, better, but still not enough to bring home a W. Continue the predictability of formations, 86% of runs with Weeden under center, 93% of passes in shogun, so the LB’s and Safety don’t have any doubt about how to play, even if the Butler TD arrived on a beautiful playaction that probably worked thanks to this predictability. The Saints blizzed on 30% of their opportunities, on Ryan average just to say.

48 points in two games are much more than might be expected without our superstars, and without any help from the defense and ST. Would you have signed up for this and for a record of 1-1 ? I think so, but unfortunately 0-2 is the bitter reality. I declare officially quite disappointed by Terrance Williams, obviously his potential for big plays is very low as #1 WR, certainly the absence of Romo weighs, but I’ve seen too many drop in every game. The loss of Dunbar and Butler, further reduces Linehan offensive potential, who on Sunday will have to face one of the best young defensive minds in today NFL, and a team against whom will need a minimum of 30 points hoping to stay head to head. If nothing else, this period will be used to redeem even the most skeptical among the detractors of Romo among Cowboys fans, but perhaps I flatter myself on that too.

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