After Further Review – Offense Edition – Another forgettable day

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Although we would like to forget Sunday’s game as soon as possible, we’ll follow the usual routine starting from the most painful part: the Offense. It’s a department in desperate need of it’s starting QB, and not only for this year 0-7, but also for the 6-16 overall in matches without Romo. This issue leads us to another consideration, since Romo started for the Cowboys (Week 7 of 2006), only Carson Palmer has lost more games (9 of them for a holdout and not for injury). Among the starters still in business from then, we have Eli Manning (148 start) Rivers (148), Breese (148), Roethilsberger (135), Brady (134), Peyton (133), Romo (125) and Palmer (120). With this data in hand it’s possible the front office hasn’t thought of a better strategy then Brandon Weeden? And it’s possible to have underestimated the recurrent Romo health problems and the fact that he’s playing at 35 years of age? And I’m not talking about who will replace him in the near future, but of a backup we can call a backup, who could take his place and play football, for the games Romo annually is forced to miss, for one reason or another. Cassel had four fluctuating performances, two very good, two very bad, but at least he appeared to be a backup worthy of the name. Then why insist with Weeden and not think to pick up Cassel already this summer when he was still on the market? These questions, and those linked to the foolish confidence in Lee’s health, would have to be asked by Jerry Jones and his staff, these questions must imperatively find answers in the upcoming offseason.

The numbers for this week are merciless, 21 running plays for 42 yds, 33 passes for 172 yds, for a grand total of 4 yds per play, numbers grossly inadequate. RB Darren McFadden appeared dull compared to previous performances, and you might begin to think that he’s starting to pay the price to the role of leading rusher in which his body is no longer used. And man, with two games in four days, there’s must be some worry. Cassel hasn’t offered an outstanding performance, but has some very good throws, and one might think that with more help from the running game, and fewer drops by Bryant, he could have had a performance sufficient to win. The OL has played one of the worst games of it’s recent history, unacceptable if you think that the department have 4 first rounders (so at least I consider Collins).

Sunday Tony Romo will be back and we all take a deep breath of relief, surely things will get better, at least from the pre-snap reads point of view, we shouldn’t see any more plays dead before the ball is snapped. But beware, it’s better to moderate expectations, after two months of inactivity, the least we can expect is some rust, and maybe some adjustments needed to avoid another injury. Miami and Carolina (after only 4 days) are two defenses with a formidable pass rush, two obstacles very hard for everyone, let alone a player absent from the field for so long. I know that every fan loves to dream, draw tables, believe in miracles, but at the moment it’s very difficult to believe that a miracle can really happen. Sure, give me these two wins, and who knows that I can regain my faith in “San Romo”.

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