After Further Review – Offense Edition – An offense that give away points

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Sticking with certainties and routine, are things that will help us pass this hellish month in which we are forced to watch others to strive for a goal, while we hold our heads in our hands and think about what was, and instead what could be, especially in a year like this, where other NFC East teams are delivering a far from decent quality of football. In a year, I don’t want to say lucky, but at least normal, we would probably now be discussing resting the starters, while instead we are talking about the worst offensive performance of the year, and one of the worst ever for the entire career of Tony Romo.

210 yds of total offense and a 3.8 yds per play are pitiful numbers, even Cassel and Weeden had managed to get so low. This is one of the few times in which we can say that much of the responsibility for this indecent performance rests on Romo’s shoulders, although it’s fair to point out a non-existent running game, an inadequate OL performance and cowardly game management, are all factors that have contributed to a performance so insufficient.

A big tombstone was placed with three interceptions in the first half that led to 17 points, I don’t think there are teams that can recover from such a deficit against a team who are legitimate Super Bowl contenders, and without the assistance of at least one takeaway by its defense. As I said yesterday, with these 2, 5 is the total number of turnovers returned for TD by our opponents in 11 games, a record. The same number of TD allowed between 2012 and 2014, three years, 48 games. But on at least two of those Romo interceptions, I will try to return with the help of the images, later in the week.

9 runs for 15 yds from under center, are numbers that speak volumes concerning the ineffectiveness of the ground game, inevitably abandoned after the first half result, and despite everything, only 176 yds gained by the air. An OL that doesn’t open holes for runs and not adequately protect the QB. To end this bleak picture, we remember the two FGs kicked when it was absolutely necessary to score a TD, an offense almost always coached in a mediocre way this year.

Not much to say in conclusion, except that it’s hard to imagine that the team that had won in Miami, was the same one that has managed to put together a performance so indecent on offense.

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