NFC East Outlook Week 7 – What a mess !!!

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Week 7 is in the book after new shocking events in the NFC EAST, here’s our weekly Outlook, we give a closer look at what happens to other teams trying to win the Division .

The Washington Redskins faced at home the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and, at the end of an epic game, Redskins won 31-30 making an historic comeback, probably will last for long in the eyes and memory of the fans. Gruden’s guys found themselves  in a hole after an 0-24 start, with Tampa dominating the match, at halftime the score was 7-24. Something special must have happened in the locker room because, while the Bucs thought they could safely manage the score and the game, the Redskins returned on the field with very different intentions. Cousins ​​led the team to the victory making the biggest “comeback” in team history. I think you can imagine the mood of the team and of Washington media, perception is to have accomplished something great and that, for better or for worse, you have to expect anything from these guys. The most interesting thing is that this epic comeback almost scientifically confirms the willingness/ability of Cousins ​​(and of course of the rest of the team) to turn the tables in any moment of the game. The comeback victory with Rams and Eagles, the almost complete recovery in Falcons defeat in overtime, and now this historic feat. The Washington Redskins are an unpredictable team and never tamed, and I think that this characteristic will stay with them until the end of the season…we need to be careful.

The New York Giants faced our Dallas Cowboys at MetLife Stadium. You all know what happened and I’m not going to talk about that, so let’s see Giants reactions after this divisional home win. Sunday was the 100th win with the Giants for the Head Coach Tom Coughlin (our congratulations Coach), who, euphoria aside, is well aware of what happened and, at the question about what really are currently those Giants, responded: “Play hard, It’s not always pretty. We have a bunch of guys who love the game, like what they’re doing and play hard. That’s a pretty good starting point.” Coughlin knows that these Giants are a “good starting point” for now, but far from legitimate dreams of glory. The spotlight has been on the defense, a performance (despite the turnovers) judged inadequate, particularly because their ineptitude in stopping the run. Speaking of running game, was pointed out to Coughlin the Giants would probably need to figure out who’s the featured Running Back. The coach responded very vaguely, saying that four healthy players (Darkwa, Jennings, Vereen and Williams) are a very good situation for the team.

The Philadelphia Eagles faced the undefeated Carolina Panthers. Panthers won 27-16 to remain unbeaten, stopping the Eagles winning streak. I have to repeat myself, sorry, but it’s the same old story in the city of brotherly love: despite a defense that does everything in order to win, the offense continues to gasping  ineffective. Defense managed to intercept Newton 2 times, but everything else is still missing. Bradford had only one interception, but completed only 26/46, with again an infinite series of drop by the WR’s in “midnight green”. The running game once again proves to be unproductive, and only another big performance by Jordan Matthews saved the day in some way. Fans (and media) are definitely increasingly asking for Matthews to be more and more involved, and more than some, want him to become the starter. So, nothing new under Philadelphia and Chip Kelly sky, usual problems and they looks far away from solving them. But man, there’s somebody who hasn’t lost hope ! Walter Thurmond (moved from CB to FS) declared to the media that this team has everything to get to the Champioship, and possibly the Super Bowl. He really believe that ?

After week 7 the Giants are back leading the NFC EAST with a 4-3 record, followed by Eagles and Redskins at 3-3, Cowboys are last for now at 2-4. But nothing is lost because week 8 will likely lead other interesting considerations. The Giants fly to the Super Dome in Louisiana where they’ll face the Saints and, while the Eagles and Redskins will enjoy the bye week, the Cowboys will face the Seahawks at home, in what could be one of the last chance to right our season.

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