NFC East Outlook – The Giants are back on top

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Here we go, as expected a new team took the lead in the division. But let’s start with the Philadelphia Eagles, who played at Linc. against the New Orleans Saints who went to Pennsylvania trying to salvage their season. Mission failed because, despite a slow start, the Eagles beat the Saints 39-17 remaining in competition for a playoff spot. A large victory, but as pointed out by many Phila analysts, it’s hard to say this result may be a real turning point for this team. Bradford has shown signs of improvement, especially on leadership (it is said that during the half he talked loud to the team to go back on the field and take the victory), but despite some good plays, the QB still has struggles to fix. Even the running game starts to show signs of life, especially with Ryan Mathews that put up 73 yards and a TD in only 8 runs. The recent performance of Mathews make him looks more and more the real go to guy for this Team, and if Murray continue to fail to impress, Mathews will take him away the load of the carries. Continuing the rumors about major College interest in Chip Kelly. USC (currently with an interim coach) is very interested in him and also Maryland could be in play, now the subject of Kelly possible departure cyclically emerges, hard to say if the Coach could be really interested to leave the NFL and go back to College football.

The Washington Redskins took the field at the Georgia Dome to face the unbeaten Atlanta Falcons. The match was very intense and full of twists. The Redskins held off the Atlanta Falcons forcing overtime, but a Cousins error ​​allowed Robert Alford to intercept the ball and fly in the endzone ending the match. As for Philadelphia, also in Washington the QB is under scrutiny, after a good performance against the Eagles, Cousins ​​made a step back. The final interception put him back in trouble, and instill more doubts on who see him as the possible leader for the future of this team. We must stress about the continuous OL improvement, they show great strength in pass protection, and how a botched secondary limited Julio Jones to only five receptions for 67 yds and 0 TD. So again these Redskins seem to have two faces, good things and bad things, looks they’re creating a good and solid foundation for the future, but I think the fans in “burgundy & gold” will have to wait some more. Bad news for the Atlanta Falcons, no more NFC East teams on their schedule: Atlanta Falcons – NFC EAST 4-0.

We finish off with the big match on SNF, at the MetLife Stadium in New York, the Giants faced the San Francisco 49ers in a crucial match for both. The Niners were in need of positive results to give sense to their season, while the Giants were on the hunt for the NFC EAST top place. The game was beautiful, full of twists and turns, the two teams put up a real battle. With 1:45 to play a Carlos Hyde TD put the Niners on top by 27-23 but with 0:21 the TE Larry Donell received a TD pass from Eli Manning that made the final score 27-30. The epic final drive will become an instant classic for the Giants, along with the 441-yard passed by Eli Manning. The Giants are back and Coughlin once again stressed that this is a team of grit and character and can embarrass any opponent. Unfortunately for the Giants there are also bad news: Odell Beckham Jr. and Reuben Randle came out of Sunday night battle with some aches and pains, with Cruz still missing, their absence could be trouble for the team ambitions. This week we will know more on their status.

Cowboys will be on the bye next week. Sunday the Redskins will face at home the New York Jets, the game looks like a difficult match to decipher and each team could prevail, the game could be really exciting. Monday night at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia the Eagles will face the Giants in one of the most interesting game of the week. The Giants have the same record as last year (3-2) when they took a beat 27-0, and their season derailed to the final 6-10 record (Cruz injured himself in that game). The Eagles will take the field frothing at the mouth trying to take a win that would put them officially back in the division race.

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