Dez Bryant to miss the first game of Regular Season ?

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And you, which side are you on ?
This is a the question that on Cowboys forums and socials is dividing the Cowboys Nation.
We are referring to the news, not yet refuted, regarding Dez Bryant and his desire not to show up for the first regular season game against the New York Giants.
The player has yet to sign his franchise tag of $ 12,823,000, because his desire is to sign a multi-year contract that guarantees him for life. The deadline for signing a long term contract is 15 July (so there is still more than a month to go).
This drastic stance has probably to do with the new company who represent Bryant’s interests. A similar incident already happened in Cowboys history with Emmith Smith in 1993, who seated for the first two games. Both were lost by the Cowboys and the front office had to accept the player’s will and, from the initial 0-2, Dallas won the Superbowl.

Sign a long term contract after July 15, is something impossible on these days according to the collective contract agreements, so it remains to be seen whether this is a real intention or a bluff.
For now we know that Bryant missed the OTA’s, participating only on one day for some individual drills. Mandatory minicamp isn’t really mandatory for him because he’s not yet formally signed.
While Bryant’s will to secure a contract that will tie him to the Cowboys for the rest of his career, or at least for much of it, with adjoining guaranteed in case of accidents, is understandable, this stance towards a franchise that has taken this phenomenal guy despite his character issues, who believed in him and gave him the opportunity to grow and emerge to form one of the strongest receivers in the NFL, sounds a little ungrateful.
And you, which side are you on ?

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